World Aquaculture Conference 2014. Post-Conference Touring Program

The World Aquaculture Society, Brand Eyre Peninsula and the Local Aquaculture Industry welcomes you to Eyre Peninsula, Australia’s Seafood Frontier.

For more information, please visit the Australian Aquaculture website.

Arno Bay Hatchery & Marine Science Centre – Land Based

When: Thursday, 12th June
Cost: $220

A scenic 150km drive north along the west coast of Spencer Gulf will take delegates to Arno Bay. This small seaside town is home to Cleanseas world class hatchery facility.

Visitors will be shown through Australia’s only research centre maintaining Southern Bluefin Tuna brood stock and learn how Cleanseas have successfully pioneered the propagation, husbandry, harvesting and marketing of Harimasa Yellowtail Kingfish.

The Arno Bay facility is the production site for Kingfish fingerlings, they are then transferred to open water sea pens and then towed to Boston Bay for the final grow out stages.

A picnic lunch will be provided before departure to the Lincoln Marine Science Centre. This modern research facility was established through the cooperation of the local fishing/aquaculture industry, the South Australian Government and Flinders University.

Visitors will experience a tour of the facility, including presentations by research staff. 

Oysters, Mussels and Abalone

An early morning start will see delegates cross the base of Eyre Peninsula 50km to picturesque Coffin Bay.

Delegates will enjoy a 20 minute punt journey to a Natural Oysters lease site. See how pacific and native angasi oysters are grown in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean, surrounded by National Park.

Then return to the processing shed where sorting, grading and packing for market is undertaken using modern and traditional equipment. Moving around the unique system of bays in this region, delegates will visit Minirribie Yabbies at Kellidie Bay.

Originally an agricultural focussed farm with native yabbies, the waterway is now a commercial aquaculture site with agriculture surrounding it. Learn of the refocus of business, rebalancing of the environment with a chemical free status, and the success of this niche market operation.

After lunch, the backroads of Lower Eyre Peninsula are traversed to SAM Abalone on Point Boston. Farm managers will explain site selection, biosecurity, infrastructure and technology, abalone production, sustainability and markets to delegates whilst escorting them around grow out ponds.

Welcome Function and Network Event

For delegates of the World Aquaculture Conference.

Where: Axel Stenross Maritime Museum
When: 6.30pm, Thursday 12June,2014
Tickets: Available through Southern Blue Travel ph. 08 8683 1330.

Tuna, Mussels and Kingfish – Sea-based aquaculture & processing

When: Friday 13 June, 2014
Cost: $320

An early morning vessel departure will take delegates across and out of Boston Bay into the Lower Spencer Gulf to observe a Southern Bluefin Tuna harvest.

Delegates will then visit a Mussel lease to see Mussels being harvested and methods used by the local industry.

Another short journey across the bay to a Kingfish farm to learn about production techniques and successes and challenges faced with this species.

The vessel will return to Port Lincoln around lunch and delegates will visit 3 seafood processors: Southern Waters Marine Products, Kinkawooka Shellfish and Western Abalone.

Kinkawooka Shellfish have a purpose built processing facility, where mussels are processed within hours of harvest. The culinary quality of the mussel is captured through a combination of traditional handling and contemporary technology.

Finish the day with a visit to Western Abalone’s new state of the art export processing facility. The factory features innovative technologies which compliments a high value, internationally based market.