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Eyre Peninsula produces a diverse range of premium wild caught and aquaculture species, including 65% of South Australia’s total seafood catch.

Featuring 2,000 kilometres of untouched coastline – but only 3% of the State’s population – the Eyre Peninsula is widely acknowledged as a prime region for aquaculture with pristine water quality, sheltered bays and exceptional water flows.

Effective, precise management of the wild catch and farmed harvests, and strict adherence to quotas, assures Eyre Peninsula fisheries are highly productive and sustainable, guaranteeing a perfect balance with the natural environment.

Long favoured by the hospitality industry for its superior flavour and texture, Eyre Peninsula seafood is now available to consumers in high quality, market-ready packaging from Australia’s award-winning and innovative seafood businesses.

Eyre Peninsula, Australia’s Seafood Frontier. Celebrating nature’s seafood harvest.